photographer::Herb Maan::Karma Magazine/2009

Mani Amar is an award-winning film director, poet, artist, and an aspiring actor. An activist before a filmmaker, his strong beliefs for environment & sustainability, poverty abolishment, and human rights made him pursue a film directing career. Mani wanted to create documentaries and films that evoke audiences’ emotions and create public awareness.

2009 marked the release of ‘A Warrior’s Religion,’ a poetic documentary on the epidemic issue of South Asian gang violence in Metro Vancouver. ‘AWR’ was a self-produced film costing $65000 to date and taking over 3 years to finish. Though it had zero support throughout the production process, it still went on to win best documentary at the Sikh International Film Festival in New York.  Along with other official film festival selections, media attention & support internationally, as well as being screened to thousands of people, ‘AWR’ has left many people anticipating Mani’s next project.

Beyond film, Mani is a published poet, award-winning graphic artist, and a passionate activist.

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