Footsteps Into Gangland How Brad Dyck saved the film.

How Brad Dyck saved the film.

Posted on Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Any independent filmmaker knows that usually at the bottom of the hierarchy is the care for and resources allocated to sound.

Sound just never seems to be much of a concern to the cinema verite type.  With my first film, A Warrior’s Religion, I fell victim to the Sound Gods and how they can severely damage the worth of a good film.  At that time, I just didn’t know any better, I recorded all the sound by the shotgun microphone attached to my Canon XL2.

Little did I know that having even half way decent sound can drastically improve your film. For this film, I thought I was putting myself ahead of the game by utilizing a R0DE VideoMic to enhance my camera’s scratch audio along with a primary audio system, the Zoom H4N.  The dialogue was crisp, things sounded great…except…unwanted sounds were captured!  Distant cars driving by, sky train screams, the ever annoying extra footsteps, camera bumps, and rattles of my side/french flaps nearly ruined the sound! The problem with having good sound equipment is that it captures sounds you wouldn’t hear yourself!

Enter Brad Dyck.  Sound Editor/Mixer/Designer.  Friend to lost filmmakers like myself.

Brad approached me, offering his unwavering help and reassurance that the film’s sound can be salvaged.  And it was.

After a couple of months of late night work by Brad, the sound was transformed.  Nearly all unwanted sounds were removed or masked.

Now I am not saying everything is perfect, it wouldn’t be an independent film if everything was, but Brad’s work on the film’s sound really did save the film.  If it wasn’t for him, the film would be delayed for a few more months while I pleaded with high end studios to help fix the sound, not to mention the estimated $15000-$20000 it would have costed.

It is easy to get lost in the world of self-criticism; to get stuck in a zone where you believe the entire film is lost and can never be salvaged.  It is at those moments an artist should realize that other artists are out there, willing to help; that people believe in you and that the audience will be forgiving of your technical mistakes; that just like my first film, the message will be strong enough to transcend past technicalities and make a positive difference.

Brad, a sincere thank you from the Films Of Fire team.  Not only for the technical help, but for the reminder that mistakes are just mistakes, nothing more.

If anyone out there requires a talented Sound Magician, I highly recommend Brad Dyck. His technical knowhow and work ethic are second to none, he would be a welcomed addition to any film team.

Contact me for his details or visit his website @



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  1. […] Update: We’ve just heard about how another grad made a significant contribution to this film. Bradley Dyck, a recent Sound Design for Visual Media alum, was praised by the film’s director for literally saving the project. Check out all the praise here. […]

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  • How Brad Dyck saved the film.
  • How Brad Dyck saved the film.
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