Footsteps Into Gangland Art runs in the blood

Art runs in the blood

Posted on Sunday, December 5th, 2010

As long as I can remember, my older brother wanted to be a musician.

Desire to be a musician, or an artist of any sort, generally was not, and still, is not typically supported by South Asian families.  My brother paved a lot of the road that I decided to walk.

Talented from an early age, picking up instruments and learning them quickly was natural to Gurbinder Amar, self-taught to play over two dozen instruments by high school graduation.  His autodidact approach to music was inspiring.  His philosophy on art helped me accept the person I was, a poet, but hiding in the proverbial closet.

‘Real life’ over the years got in the way of his musical dreams and aspirations, but the desire was true enough to his soul that he would once again compose, it was inevitable.

Blessed was I when he offered to compose some pieces for my film’s soundtrack.  Being trained in composition & advanced musical theory, I was worried he would not be able to encompass the sound I was ‘going for’.

Still the younger brother I remain as my elder has taught and surprised me once again.
His chameleon-esque approach to the soundtrack helped create a piece that is not only fitting, but destined to be part of my film.

As I write this post, he is working on another piece for the film.  I cannot wait to be surprised again.

Thanks big brother,


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