Footsteps Into Gangland Multi-Talented – Daniel J. Joseph

Multi-Talented – Daniel J. Joseph

Posted on Saturday, November 27th, 2010

It is hard to define Daniel J. Joseph after you get to know him.  When I first met him, I knew he would be a welcomed addition to my cast, his easy going personality, pure drive to succeed, and natural talent made him an ‘easy choice.’

After landing a role, Daniel offered to help in other facets of film production, everything from marketing to the soundtrack.  Though it was appreciated, I never thought I would take him up on his offers.  Daniel quickly became my ‘go-to guy.’

My conversations with him were similar to “Daniel, I need a rap song about gangs without a positive tone to the message in the lyrics”, not even a half a day later, I had a song in my inbox waiting for me.  And guess what, Daniel was the one rapping.

See, Daniel is also known as DANGEROUS, the deadly MC.  I was so impressed with the song, I asked if I could use it on my soundtrack, knowing my financial woes, not only did Daniel give us his permission and blessing, he donated his work to the film.

So with Daniel climbing the success ladder in acting and music, what else could he be doing at the same time…well, how about writing a book?  Daniel’s soon to be released debut book, Me, My Dreams, And I, will definitely be a great read.

Daniel also was kind enough to plug the Footsteps Into Gangland teaser trailer at an event he was MC’ing at on October 1st.

Click the above picture to view the teaser trailer featuring the song, “Two Wrongs No Rights” performed by Dangerous featuring Rhymists and J-Worm (Produced by Mobb Robb).

Shout out to Daniel, you have been a pleasure to work with bro!



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  • Multi-Talented – Daniel J. Joseph
  • Multi-Talented – Daniel J. Joseph
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