Footsteps Into Gangland Official Trailer Released!

Official Trailer Released!

Posted on Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

(Click on the image above to view the trailer.)

2 Comments to “Official Trailer Released!”

  1. Lashman Singh Johal says:

    To Mr. Amar,
    This is truely a excellent movie about Indian Gangs because I know from being around gang members most of my life.
    I was involved in the entertainment business for 30 years (music) as a promoter/manager in every kind of niteclub.
    East Los Angeles to Santa Ana to Hollywood.
    I’ve seen it all…Keep up the great work your doing.

  2. Rajpal Singh Johal says:

    Great to see this movie made about the plight of young adults caught up in gangs and drugs. Wake up parents. There is no easy answer other than to be totally involved in your kids life to be their postive role model….. Lean forward for change…..

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  • Official Trailer Released!
  • Official Trailer Released!
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